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Choose a mirror with a more unique shape instead of just a traditional rectangular mirror on your sink; especially a rectangular oval shape.

Buckeye Glass Repair has been designing and manufacturing mirrors in Arizona for years and has gained a reputation as Buckeye’s foremost mirror experts.

The name Buckeye Glass Repair has become synonymous with classic and innovative designs, traditional craftsmanship, complete customer service and outstanding quality in mirror industry.

Buckeye Glass Repair displays the best in the modern and neoclassic design of bathroom mirrors.
We are trying to recreate classic bathroom mirror styles with a new meaning. Our luxury collections have been created by experienced interior designers, local craftsmen, and the best in town glass manufacturers. Our contemporary collections are also highly appreciated.

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Why Do I Need To Professionally Install a Bathroom Mirror?

Sad to say, but we have seen many bathrooms with those elite graced vanity mirrors, held up “gracelessly” by those small but ugly clear plastic clips. While there are tricks to hiding those plastic clips, but the wise option is still to hire a professional.

Our Promise to you

The Buckeye Glass Repair core philosophy is to design and create the most luxurious mirrors of all time. Mirror compositions lamenting and gilding techniques are expertly applied from generation to generation. The dedication of authenticity flows through the entire process of creation: from extensively researched traditional designs to careful collection of one of the largest archives of original composition patterns.


Choosing a bathroom mirror seems like a very simple thing. Make sure the glass isn't carved, that the delivery is involved, and that you're ready, right? Sad to say, it's not! However, with a wide range of options available on the Buckeye Glass Repair - from fine patterns to bold patterns: the selection of the mirror to complement your bathroom layout would be very easy. This process could be a little bit from the inside.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that there are many bathrooms with the default wall-type mirrors. You know the species - rectangular, frameless and completely devoid of personality and life. Where's the fun in that? We at Buckeye Glass Repair love the unique details of a well-thought-out mirror and the pleasant effect it has on your personal space.

Why Choose Us ?

1. We are passionate about what we do. We go to lengths to give you the best possible mirror experience. Making the whole process as safe and easy as possible.
2. The quality of our work ensures that your mirrors are long-term pieces of antique items, the most valuable values of the future.
3. Our ever-expanding customer service team is committed to helping you make the right choice.
4. We assure our customers with the highest quality and durability on all our products and services.