Wired Glass Installation In Buckeye, AZ

Wired Glass is one of the most popular materials used in construction. Wired glass has been used as a safety glass for decades because it prevents the glass from falling in the case of a fire. Call us now for a free consultation on wired glass!

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Wired Glass: All that You Need to Know!

The glass is reinforced with wire mesh to make it more fire resistant and long-lasting than flotation glass. Here at Buckeye Glass Repair, we’ve provided all the information about the wired glass, applications and pros and cons that you and every homeowner should know before buying their wired glass.

What is a Wired Glass?

Wired glass, also known as Georgian wired glass, was invented by Frank Shuman. Steel wire mesh is placed inside the glass during the manufacturing process. It acts as a wire mesh equipment. If the glass breaks due to impact, the glass parts are kept in place by wire reinforcement.

Wired glass is not broken when exposed to fire, it is highly resistant to fire. Because of this feature, it is also called fire resistant glass or non-flammable glass. For this reason, in fire-prone areas, people prefer to install wired glass windows instead of floating glass windows. The wire mesh is available in diamond grills as well as square grids.

How Does Wired Glass Benefit You?

Due to the wire mesh in the glass, wired windows are fired and some of them start to enter the building for a while. This gives people enough time to escape from the building and thus helps prevent damage to life in emergencies of fire.

Wired glass can be broken by bumping, but glass fragments stick to the wired network, thereby helping prevent theft.

It has high resistance to thermal and electric shock compared to plain glass.

Wired glass is cheaper than other safety glass such as laminated glass, so it is used as cheaper fire resistant glass or cheaper safety glass.

Wired glass can also be used in the form of colored glass and patterned glass. Therefore, it can also add decorative aesthetics to the windows.

However, it must be noted wired glass should not be used in areas exposed to more rain and moisture. As the wire in the glass will be rusted, thus reducing the overall durability.

How can wired glass keep you safe?

It is widely used where fire resistance are required.

Wired glass is used in schools, institutions, public buildings, government offices, hotels, etc. in windows and compartments.

Wired glass is usually installed in the windows of the building's fire escape routes to save time to evacuate people for fire emergencies.

Windows in staircases and corridors are the main examples of emergency exits where fire-resistant wire windows are a clever addition.

It is used on roofs, ceilings, fire resistant doors and windows.